Protection Shield Inside

MINIX is designed user’s safety as its priority.

Rechargeable Battery

Adopting a high-efficiency rechargeable battery It can be used for a long time.

Light & Compact Design

With light & compact design, users are able to use more conveniently.

Pre-set Function

With its convenient settings, the operator can have a quicker and faster examination.

Quality X-ray

for clear images It outputs good quality X-rays.
MINIX series are designed to minimize leakage radiation for users and patients through its radiation shield from the x-ray tube, high voltage generator, P.C.B to an x-ray emitting hole.
MINIX series are designed with easy control buttons and programming for easy use.
MINIX series can be used with analog film, digital sensor, or phosphor plates. It is also designed to shorten exposure time to more than 10% compared to our other x-rays.
Using high-efficiency battery (Lithium-ion-polymer), MINIX series are capable for use over 200 times after one charging.
With special method construction, light weight & compact design, the machine is user-friendly.