Digital Imaging System Corporation

Thank you for visiting our website. As we have named ourself as a "Digital Imaging System Specialist", we are specialized in manufacturing "Portable Dental X-ray" and "Intraoral Imaging System". Since its first introduction in 2001, we have tried our best to provide quality products to customers. Now we believe our constant research and development enabled us to be more competitive and creative, and also enough to satisfy customers' needs. Experience the long time condensed quality products today! Fine and clear images through smart and convenient functions will make your diagnosis much easier.

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We have made an effort to provide the best quality and customer's service. Also, we are making an effort to be a no. 1 radiography corporation via our constant research and development since establishment enabled us to be more competitive and creative in the dental industry.

Superior Quality

We are making an effort to manufacture x-rays which have the most improved durability and lowest leakage radiation.

The Best Customer Service

We put priority on customer satisfactory to support the best customer service.

Universal Standard Quality Management

We, DIGIMED Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Portable Dental X-ray and Intraoral Imaging System. We started distributing in domestic and international dental market from 2001 and our market share is growing everyday.

Constant Technical development

We always work on product research and technical development to offer better service to customers.

Corporate Identity

Our coorporate Identity expresses our corporation's will by clear and profound blue-color. Also, it shows our corporation's image which is trustful and faithful by solid and bold-font. Moreover, our CI indicates our will to be a future cutting-edge company by arrow on "E".